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Spirit by Cherri Ryan, illustrated by Christina Booth. Published 2018 Black Dog Books (an imprint of Walker Books Australia)

What happens when things don’t go the way you plan? Can you try and try again? Spirit is a beautiful picture book about hope.

I built a ship from this and that. I named her Spirit. Could Spirit sail? I knew she could. A beautiful picture book about resilience, imagination and hope.

A young girl builds a tiny ship, from this and that, and wonders… could Spirit sail? She knows Spirit could. Every day, Spirit sails further and further into the world and every night, the girl nurtures and tends her ship. Until the day Spirit rides the river and faces her greatest challenge.

“This book tenderly captures the essence of childhood hope and the expectations built around it. It explores the notions of anticipating outcomes beyond our control, but remaining stalwart enough in spirit to find ways around life’s obstacles.” See the full review.

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“This is a special picture book that sends a message of persistence and resilience, and the importance of trying again and again if we do not first succeed.” See the full review.

The Children's Book Council of Australia


An anthology edited by Sally Odgers. Prints Charming Books 2015.

Features 3 short stories (and fun facts) by Cherri Ryan

  • Flight of the Monarch Butterflies
  • Big Hill Farm
  • Moloch is Not Horridus

The Day Before Christmas by Cherri Ryan

Story by Cherri Ryan, animated by Electric Canvas, was projected onto City Hall nightly every 15 minutes from Dec 9th to 24th 2016 as the Brisbane City Hall Christmas Lights Spectacular.

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